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Villanova Sure can Rebound from a Loss, Can’t They?

Villanova Sure can Rebound from a Loss, Can’t They?

1. Villanova Wildcats (#6 NCAA, 20-2, 8-1 Big East, 4-0 City Six) Last week: W @ Temple, W vs. Xavier Ok.  Now that we’ve established how foolish I was to think that Xavier was a player in the Big East, can we move on.  Clearly, this conference is all about Villanova and Creighton.  (People in … Continue reading


Thoughts of 140 Characters or Less

  • He allegedly called Sanchez the "ultimate mistake waiting to happen" .. Hey Skip.. 33-10 in Dallas.. Sanchez = 20-29 for 217 and a TD.. 15 minutes ago
  • Almost went in on Skip Bayless right now but had to remember.. this is the same numb skull who said the Broncos were fools not to keep Tebow 16 minutes ago
  • Dear ESPN... Please. Cancel. First Take. Skip obviously has some kind of mental condition. He needs to be off-air.… 25 minutes ago

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